Name Description
Property Map Properties displayed on Google Map
Properties List of properties
Agents List of agents
Assigned Agents List of assigned agents to property
Enquire Enquire form displayed on property detail
Filter Filter properties
Filter Rent/Sale Filter properties by two groups rent and sale

Property Map

Via “Property Map” widget is rendered Google map with properties. There is no other way how to attach map to a site. Widget area which is used for this widget is “Top Fullwidth” so if you want to achieve best appearance use this widget area.

Property Map Admin

Property Map Admin

Here is the list of map settings:

  • Latitude and longitude - center of the map
  • Zoom level
  • Grid size to set distance between clusters
  • Style - styles from Snazzy maps
  • Height of map
  • Extra classes - e.g. transparent-header, property-map-append-top

Map objects

In the map you can see three types of objects:

  • Marker - represents single property
  • Cluster - multiple properties
  • Multiple marker - multiple properties with the same GPS position


To show list of properties use “Properties” widget.

Properties Admin

Properties Admin

Here is the list of widget settings:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Extra Classes - e.g. fullwidth background-gray
  • Count - count of properties to show
  • Items per row
  • Attribute - to show specific properties
  • Display as - how to display single property:
    • Box - recommended for wide widget areas
    • Row - recommended for wide widget areas
    • Small - recommended for narrow widget areas