Submission System

Front end submission is implemented so it is possible to add properties by users from front end. To make the front end submission work it is involved to configure all required pages. The best way how to do it is to sign in as admin, head into “Customizer” and then set all options and settings in “Realia Submission” panel.

NOTE: Don’t forget to allow users to register under “Settings - General - Anyone can register”.

Submission Types

  • Free for all. All user are allowed to add properties without any fees.
  • Pay per post. It is required to pay for each submission separately.
  • Packages. Users have their purchased packages which allows them to post only certain amount of properties.

Page Structure

For full working submission system is required to set these options. Process is following. Create new page in WordPress. Add shortcode from list below and then set that page in “Customizer”.

  • Payment page. Shortcode: [realia_submission_payment]
  • List pages. Shortcode: [realia_submission_list]
  • Create page. Shortcode: [realia_submission]
  • Edit page. Shortcode: [realia_submission]
  • Remove page. Shortcode: [realia_submission_remove]
  • Transactions page. Shortcode: [realia_submission_transactions]

Agent Submission

By default system allows to post properties only as a regular WordPress user. If you want behavior where users are agents entities, you need to tick “Enable Agents”. Users will be able to fill the agent profile. It is required to create an agent profile page by using [realia_change_agent_profile] shortcode. After that all properties edited or created by user will have assigned agent.

NOTE: Admin can change the user’s agent object by editing “Agent object” value in user profile.