Price FormattingΒΆ

You are able to set whatever currency and formatting you want. From technical point of the view it is needed to be familiar only with number_format function, which is used for formatting. It is possible to set:

  1. How many decimals do you want to display. Default: “0”.
  2. Decimal point. Default: ”.”.
  3. Thousands separator. Default: ”,”.

Default currency is set to USD with displaying the symbol in front of the price. If you want to use EUR formatting set option to display currency symbil at the end of the string, thousand separator as ” ” and decimal point as ”,”.

There is an option to set cyrrency code. In plugin there is no usage for it but it is always good to set it because it could be used by third party plugin e.g. for currency conversions.

NOTE: money_format function can not be used because of no support on Windows system