Installing Theme

  1. copy theme files into wp-content/themes
  2. navigate into admin “Appearance - Themes”
  3. enable theme
  4. make sure that you enable all other required plugins

Installing Plugin

  1. copy plugin files into wp-content/plugins
  2. navigate into admin “Plugins”
  3. enable plugin

Importing demo content

  1. Look for exports folder in your theme
  2. Locate demo_content.xml
  3. Install WordPress Import plugin
  4. Navigate in admin to “Tools - Import”
  5. Click on import for “WordPress”
  6. Choose demo_content.xml file
  7. Confirm

Note: This will import only the demo content. All other settings like widgets or customizer options will be NOT imported.

Note: Demo data is containing only the placeholder images.

Note: In exports folder you can find widget_data.json and widget_logic.json which can be used for importing the widgets. All widgets can be imported by using plugins Widget Logic and Widget Settings Importer/Exporter.

Minimal Requirements

If you’re planning to build a website using WordPress, you must first ensure your hosting provider meets WP’s requirements.


  • CMB2 is required
  • WP REST API is optional


  • MySQL 5.0.15 or higher with PDO


  • PHP 5.2
  • PHP5 GD library installed
  • Disabled error_reporting flag on production server
  • Enabled mod_rewrite in Apache for clean URLs
  • Memory limit set up at least 96MB

NOTE: To make everything working as smooth as possible, it is recommended to not use cheap hostings. We have best experience with VPS.

NOTE: PHP 5.2 is minimal supported PHP, but it is always good to use most recent version.